“If you want to live one year, plant rice. If you want to live for ten years plan a tree. If you want to live a hundred years, teach children.” ~ Grandmaster Robert Hoe

Mr Hoe, or as I know im, Grandmaster Hoe spend the better part of his life as an educator. He was a teacher, a coach, a substitute teacher and a martial arts instructor. I look up to him for strength and guidance as I move into the educational field. Grandmaster Hoe is still as strong as ever, even after almost dying three years ago from a heart attack, having a 6-way bypass surgery and then pancreatitis. Not to mention he is 67 years old. I can never give up because of him. He is like a second father to me…. a person I hold very close and very dear to my heart. The quote above is one of many inspirational thoughts over the years but it is one that I take very seriously. 

I dedicate this blog to him, my coach, my teacher, my friend… my sensei


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