Up and away!

I am writing this post from the terminal inside JFK international Airport. The first leg of the voyage is over with 360 miles in the past! Another 2822 ish miles lie ahead. But All is well! I am good spirits and am having fun.

However this morning was was not a good time. And really the last day and a half has not been fun. Saying goodbye to Raye Anne, and then goodbye to most of karate students monday was really hard. I have worked with most of them for many years… but it was no less hard to say goodbye to the new students as well; Parker and Hunter, Bryce, Dylan, Jacob, Jacob, Keiling, Eli, Jennifer and others will always be in my thoughts! Thank you

Then saying goodbye to Debbie and Brooke from the bank and Master Keith, Grandmaster Hoe, Rik, Jeremy and Jennifer (for real this time) was extremely hard! Jennifer you have been such a wonderful friend and I look forward to talking to you all the time. It was really hard to say goodbye and I will miss you so very much. And Jeremy we have been friends for a long time and I have the utmost confidence that you will do great things, no matter how small or grand. Good luck my friend!  

And Michelle thank you for coming over and saying good bye last night. I love you so much and I will miss you!! You are wonderful.

Even though those good byes were hard… it compared little to the good bye I had to give my parents. Standing there in the security line in Portland… waiting, as the line slowly moves forward… the time finally came when I had to say ” well its that time” Saying good bye to my father who has always been there, from my soccer games as a child to my karate tournaments and to my college graduation. He is a great father, daddy, best friend and person. I love you so much dad. And what is there to say about my mother. The phrase “I love you” really does no justice. She started crying the instant I said goodbye. She is a wonderful mother and I thank her for that. She has always been there for me no matter what. I know it was hard for her and I am a mommas boy and it was very hard for me to… i was fighting back the extreme water works the entire time.

“The process of letting go is like taking a journey to the center of your being.”
Darren L. Johnson 



2 thoughts on “Up and away!

  1. Mrs. B.

    Look at the foundation those parents gave you, Patrick — I am in awe of moms and dads who get it right. The harder the goodbyes, the stronger the foundation, I always think. My friend, yours could survive Armageddon!

    As for saying goodbye at airport terminals, every time I have visited my sister in the UK, or she has come back to America, the moment I can no longer see her through the Security doors, tears start to flow — it doesn’t get any easier, really, although the crying subsides sooner over time, I guess. But those moments of the utter grief of parting are all consuming, aren’t they?

    Once the flight gets going, your adventure will continue and all will be well…

    Thinking of you with love!
    Mrs. B.

  2. ginny patrician

    Patrick, that was so very touching – you are the best son, brother and grandson anyone could ever hope for – we got lucky the day you were born – you have a wonderful wonderful family – your eta is almost upon u – let the games begin – enjoy, love you boy, babci


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