Travel Day

My day of travel went well. There were no problems in sight. In fact my flight was a half-an-hour early leaving JFK and therefore a half-an-hour early getting into LAX…. UNHEARD of… but I was happy with it.

The van ride from the airport to long beach was interesting. LA traffic is very interesting. OH side note… did you know that on their on-ramps to get on the highways they have traffic lights. These lights only let three cars go at once before they turn red. And then they wait six seconds before they let three more cars go… apparently this helps with the traffic. I didnt witness how it helped but the shuttle driver assured me that it did. 

The ferry ride was really cool. Even though it was dark I could still clearly see the Long Beach/San Pedro shipping port. IT WAS HUGE. There were containers everywhere and the ships carrying them were wicked big!!!

Once we got past the port, I could see the lights of all the houses in long beach and LA. It was beautiful. It was not like east coast cities. There are so many houses and so many lights the land looks like embers in a smoldering fire; the flickering of orange light. It was very cool!



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