First Full Day at Camp Fox

Today was a pretty relaxing but full day! There was no work to be done and no stuff to learn… I arrived at camp a day early so today was the day in which everyone else would be coming in. At noon a large group of people known as “old fish” came into camp. These guys are the ones who have come back for more then one season. And then at 3:00, some of my fellow “new fish” arrived! The hardest part about today… was trying to remember everyone’s names. im getting there but I still need work. 

I also went on my fist hike with my roommate Eric this morning… it was a tiny but steep hike and needless to say I was out of breathe and my legs were on fire but the time we got up to the top. It was a great view of camp and well worth it.

We also went dolphin chasing today. The bottle nose dolphins were really close to the boat and a few were even bow riding. It was wicked cool. 

Another cool event thing today happened on the ride back from Avalon after picking up the last “new fish”. It was dark out so we were able to see the bioluminescence of some of the creatures in the water. For those of you who have no clue what that is… it goes like this. There are small animals, plankton, that are always in the water. You need a microscope to see them. Some of these organisms are called dinoflagellates. These dinoflagellates have the ability to glow, or to bioluminescence. Typically they only glow when agitated… for example the wake of a Parker boat. The wake coming off the boat looked like a stary night! it was wicked cool. 

Well today has been fun, a great adventure. Tomorrow starts our intensive training for the next three weeks until we start teaching kids on our own. talk to you all tomorrow and good luck with your own adventures. 


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