The last few days

The last few days have been crazy. We have started training and we have been going nonstop from 630 to 900 every day. 

Yesterday we got up had breakfast then went out on the water for our first snorkel. Now I have snorkeled a few times, in Australia and in Belize, so im not a total novice but this was the first time snorkeling somewhere with cold water and thus needing a wet suit. The wet suits that we have are three piece wet suits that take a lot of strength to put on. They are tight and not very fun.. but i guess they are supposed to keep me warm.. who new. 

After our snorkel we got to go on a couple of easy hikes around the cannon, learning about the plant and animal life that live on the land. It was really cool to learn about the specialized plants and animals that are unique to the island. 

That night we got to do a squid dissection. I did allot of these at the aquarium in Booth Bay this summer so I new most of everything that they said/did. We found the squids ink sac and then popped it and made war paint and put in on ourselves… we also got to eat their eye lenes (apparently they are good for upset stomachs) and we got to try and blow their bodies up with air from the siphon. Yeah… I loved it, must be a marine science geek thing. 🙂


Today, Saturday, we got an orientation talk about what is means to be apart of the company and blah blah… business talk that I dont need to bore you with. Ather that we had our first solo teaching with the group of “new fish.” We could teach anything we wanted but we had to stay in five min. So i taught some karate… what else… Kempo punch technique number 1. it went well. I got back some positive thoughts on what I did well… and one thought, from my boss erica, saying that she can see my classes going off on tangents allot.. speaking of which I have this really cool story to tell about tangents… hahha never mind.  

And now I await for a cool but wicked scary activity… the night snorkel. In open water, with flashlights and in the dark…. bum bum bummmmm. Im kinda nervous. Never done a night snorkel before. But im looking forward to getting thought it and maybe seeing some cool things. I will tell you all how it goes tomorrow. But now this post has gone on to long and I must get ready for my snorkel. 

Good night all, and go have an adventure… scary or not 🙂


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