Best Super Bowl ever!

Sooo today was a kick ass day! We had today off but we had a full staff adventure. It was the first time the entire cimi staff go to hang out together. We went for a boat ride and found a pod of common dolphins… And what do you think a bunch of marine science geeks did.. We jumped in and swam with them. The water was a bit cloudy so I didn’t see much but they were swimming al around us. We got back in our boat and continued our trip to two harbors, which is the other large city on the island, we stopped in the mouth of the harbor where a group of sea lions where hanging out on a rock… Again we got in the water. This time we could see everything and the sea lions were swimming all around us… wOW…. Effacing crazy… Coolest thing ever. There will be a video up on Facebook soon.
Now we are relaxing watching the Super Bowl.
Great day
What an adventure, now go have your own 🙂


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