Monthly Archives: March 2013

Relaxing day taking pictures

So today, as have been the last few days, was really relaxing. I spent most of the day taking pictures. But I started off the day with a phone call to the Smith family back home. Hunter Parker and Bryce all took karate from me and they are some of my favorite students….and I miss them dearly!! So it was great to talk to them and hear how they were doing. It made me a little home sick but it was worth it. The rest of my day was spent taking pictures. There is a beautiful orange tree right outside my room and it is blooming right now. The flowers have attracted some hummingbirds and I have spent a fair amount of time trying to capture some pictures of them and I think they came out really well. You can look at all of them on my Photography facebook page:
Image It was really fun. Hopefully I will go snorkeling tomorrow and have a cool adventure doing that. 

Love you all!! miss you all!!! good night!