Doing Well

So things are going really well. These last couple of weeks have been really great! My mother has reminded me that I have been in California for just over a month and I am liking it. Of course I miss home, Karate and everyone there but this place is really growing into something really memorable. 

Some of the the groups that I have been working with have been really cool. I had this one kid who was scared of snorkeling in deep water so I stayed with him in hte shallows and he had a great time. The last day he was here he bought a camp postcard and sent it to me telling me how much fun he had and that he want to have me as a pen pal because I have a really cool job… so cool. 

Another group that was here had a really cool campfire session. This school has been coming to CIMI for a number of years and they have a reputation of putting on a great campfire. Well they lived up to it. One of the chaperons was the lead singer for the band All-4-One. He sang their hit “I swear.” It was great. Another chaperon, This is for you Mrs B, used to perform Broadway. He performed “The Impossible Dream” from the show Man of La Mancha… it was really cool! Oh the perks of working in California. 

Classes are also going great! The other night I went on a night snorkel and we saw a 10 inch Horn Shark and I dove down and picked it and brought it up for my group to see. It was so cool. Also the bioluminescence was great that night. So Nice!

This week coming up will fun. Later today I am on the “Tech Shift” which means Ill be doing life guarding, classroom set up, projects and boat runs. So its the behind the scenes stuff. Then I am off again the second half of the week then I get to PC. A PC is a program coordinator  They are the one that meets the group and give them the talks and stuff like that! I cant wait!

So things are working out great! I am having fun doing fun stuff! Keep up the adventures everyone.


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