First P.C. Job today!

The first part of the week I was on a tech shift. Basically I went around camp setting up labs and evernts and stuff. While there were snorkelers in the water I was a life gaurd, and when the kayaks were out the first day I got to go chase boating. Which means I learned how to drive the boats that we have here. Now I cannot yet drive them by myself but the more I drive with an old fish the sooner I can get checked out on the boat. SO COOL! I love driving boats. On one of our chase boat shifts we got to see two Humpback whales!!!! they were huge and so cool. One of the whales dove deep and we got to see his tail out of the water!

And for the last few days I have been off for the last two days and have not really done to much. Wednesday night I went into town with some friends, Meg, Meghan, Julie, Jackie, Jess, and we played mini golf and went out to dinner. It was nice to spend more then 30 min in Avalon. Besides that I cleaned my room and wrote some lesson plans… so nothing really exciting. 

But the next week and a half will be very exciting. Later today, Friday, I get to be the PC (program coordinator) for the first time for a group coming in. So I have to do announcements  set up the dinning hall, just all the leg work to make sure the school has a great time.!!! Im really excited. 

Then next week I get to work with a 5 day group coming to the island. This will be my first 5 day and Im really excited. five day groups are fun because they are typically more engaged and willing to learn… plus they do every activity that we have so it will be great!!!


I hope you all are doing well! miss you all. Love Patrick!


One thought on “First P.C. Job today!

  1. Catherine Seraph

    Just checked out the KJ online………… article about a wayward seal at Mercy Hospital in Portland early this am…….made me think of my Marine Biology friend ☺

    Keep having great adventures

    Cathi Seraph, RN, SDC
    Staff Development Coordinator
    Maine Veterans’ Homes
    310 Cony Road
    Augusta, ME 04330
    (207) 620-3016

    “caring for those who served”


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