I’m still here

Hello there everyone!
Sorry I have not posted in a while, I was a little busy this past week. First of all I am doing great! Classes are going well and the kids have been great….. Just busy. All of my snorkeling has been good, except that the water has been a bit cloudy lately. We have been getting a south wind and our cove faces south, so we have been getting allot more waves. With more waves comes ore mixing and thus cloudy water. So playing around with that has been fun. My class room stuff has been going great. I love teaching about sharks, invertebrates oceanography and algae. It’s just really cool.
Most of the time I still cannot believe that I am actually here in California teaching kids about marine science. Tool cool! I’m loving it.
Also boat driving continues to be wicked fun! Except when its a bit choppy, then I get a little sick lol.
I cannot believe that April is right around the corner. It seems just a few days ago that I first landed in LA and started work. Pretty soon our spring school season will be over and we will start summer. A short 8 weeks later and the fall season will start and then I will be home to see everyone soon after that.

You know, that is one thing that I miss quite a bit. My family and friends. The other day I got a voicemail from the dojo. Jeremy called me and let some of my little students say hi… I could hear Hunter and killing and a bunch of others and it was great to hear all their voices! It brought tears to my eyes. I miss them all very much. I also talked with Ann Marie and my parents and LJ and it was great to talk to them all! I love it here but fall cannot come soon enough when Icahn actually hug and see everyone again. But keep up the messages and mail, I write back to everyone!

Love you all, peace,


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