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Busy Busy.. ish

Hey everyone!! How are you all doing? I am doing well here!! everything is going good! teaching is good and everything is just kind of chill. We are now moving into the busy part of our spring session! we have had a bunch of shifts on then off then on again… so work has been off and on. But now that we are picking up we will be pretty busy… which is good because I like to teach and I like it when there are kids in camp. This week I have a group of 5 graders in and they are great.. really talkative and kinda crazy but I needed a group like this… to goof off with and have a good time. This weekend we have our second YMCA weekend. So instead of schools coming in we have the YMCA coming in. We do not do much teaching we just kinda man stations around camp… like life guarding, high ropes, archery, kayaking and some other stuff… it is really relaxed and we really do not have to do allot. Then the next week I am really excited for because I get to be on a 5 day school as a solo PC. That means that there are only like 12 kids coming in and I get to have them all by myself for the week. Really excited for that. 

Well It is kinda late here. I have to get to bed and get ready for the day tomorrow! Love you guys! have a great day!! miss you all!! 



Another Great Week!! :)

I know most of these posts will start to sound more and more similar. I mean the stuff I teach does not change, the location I am in does not change and everything is just kind of the same.  The thing is, on paper, it does sound the same but in reality it is not. The kids that come into my camp are what make this job. What we teach stays the same (ish) but the kids are what is different. And how to you write about personalities and describe the attitudes and happiness of these kids. Its difficult. 

The kids are what make this job fun. I love interacting with them. As many of you know, middle school is my favorite to teach. Even as a substitute teacher I preferred to teach at the middle school. Some of my other instructors here say they prefer to teach high school because they can relate to them more…. I guess that means that I am more of a kid at heart.

This last group was here for an entire week.  I really like the week long schools because you can get to know the kids better and they get to know me better. We connect more and everything is a little more chill on a five day. There is no rushing to get stuff done like there is with a three day. But anyway, these kids were seventh grade and they were great. They were smart when it came to classroom stuff and active when we had to kayak, snorkel and hike. Plus they were funny. we could kid around and have a good time but still accomplish what we needed. I wish all my groups were like them.

Some cool things that we got to see this week… well while snorkeling we found a cool Egg Yolk Jelly Fish. it was pretty big and the cool thing is that they do not hurt when they sting. So I was able to grab it and bring it up for the kids to see… The kids got to touch a jelly fish… how cool is that!! We also got to see an Angel shark that has seemed to take up residence in our cove. SO COOL. I got a picture of it (ill post it soon). And the other day we got a really cool treat. A baby elephant seal crawled up on our beach! This is really rare! They do not typically come this far south. As I said this was a baby, not a young baby, but more like a year old. This time of year the mothers start weening their cubs off their milk and essentially kick them out. So this guy came ashore looking for some food… sad yes, but at this point he knew how to hunt and get his own food he was just looking for some easy food. My kids got to see him on the beach… and apparently after we moved on, he went back in the water and swam over to some of the snorkeling groups in the water and tried to suckle on the instructors nee! WOW!! hahaha what an experience. 

OH another cool thing that happened this week was I got to swim with a rare fish called a Ribbon Fish. It is a deep sea fish that was only recently discovered and very little is known about it. The only specimens that have been seen have been only a couple of inches long… this one was two and a half feet long. Some kids in camp spotted it off our pier and once we realized what it was a few of us jumped in the water! There were four of us in the water.. three of us were in wet suits and there was one without one… can you guess who went in with just shorts… yup, me!! lol Go Maine for having cold water and allowing me to show up all these weak Californians! lol  The water was so beautiful, and the fish was so nice. The problem is that when they come to surface they typically do not survive because they are not made for such shallow waters. The fish did end up dying but we have frozen its body and are sending to a museum in LA to be studied!!! take a look at it. 

Ok well I think I have gone on for long enough today! 

OOOH wait I do have some other things to say. 

First I got some letters in the mail this week from some people that I have to thank. 
Emma!! thanks so much for the package and card. It was so nice. I love the candy and water balloons!!! Thank you!
Meg Lynch! I got your letter yesterday and It made me so happy! I love when you skip home work to write to me! its so juicy! I will write you soon!! thanks meg!
I also got a letter from my sister! I know this job has separated us but know my love for you stretches further then any separation! Thank you for the letter! I will write to you soon 🙂 Love you LJ. 
Babci I also got your Easter card! Thank you so much!! I love getting cards from you and webbie!!! it makes me smile every time. 
And lastly this week, I really want to thank my Grandpa and Grandma. I needed some hiking gear and my Grandpa went out of his way to help me and get me some gear from LL Bean. I thank you grandpa so much! Thank you Grandpa and Grandma! I love you!


Thanks everyone for reading! love you all!!! miss you!!!