Busy Busy.. ish

Hey everyone!! How are you all doing? I am doing well here!! everything is going good! teaching is good and everything is just kind of chill. We are now moving into the busy part of our spring session! we have had a bunch of shifts on then off then on again… so work has been off and on. But now that we are picking up we will be pretty busy… which is good because I like to teach and I like it when there are kids in camp. This week I have a group of 5 graders in and they are great.. really talkative and kinda crazy but I needed a group like this… to goof off with and have a good time. This weekend we have our second YMCA weekend. So instead of schools coming in we have the YMCA coming in. We do not do much teaching we just kinda man stations around camp… like life guarding, high ropes, archery, kayaking and some other stuff… it is really relaxed and we really do not have to do allot. Then the next week I am really excited for because I get to be on a 5 day school as a solo PC. That means that there are only like 12 kids coming in and I get to have them all by myself for the week. Really excited for that. 

Well It is kinda late here. I have to get to bed and get ready for the day tomorrow! Love you guys! have a great day!! miss you all!! 



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