The “about” page. The page in which you try and find out as much about me as you can without having to look to hard. Most of the people I plan on viewing this page are people that I hope know me pretty well. But hopefully I will reach someone whom I have never met and we may become friends. Good luck, and I hope you find what you are looking for.

Peace, Patrick

About me:

The entire reason for starting this blog is because I got a new job as a Marine Instructor at a Marine Biology camp called Catalina Island Marine Institute run by Guided Discoveries Inc. My new job will take me 3,150 miles from my home in a small town in Maine to an island off the coast of Las Angeles California… cool huh?

But before I get into some more details about that lets back up a little…

From a young age I was always fascinated with the ocean. My Babci (polish for grandmother) instilled a passion and drive for marine science that still burns strong within me today.

As I grew older my hobbies changed but my passion still lies with the ocean. However now that I am older my passion for the ocean is shared with a passion for photography and Martial Arts. I am an amateur at both but I believe I can hold my own.

Now my martial arts career has led me to train with some of the best in the world.. world class martial artists who do things only seen in movies… however my favorite people to train with are the ones in my own dojo. And I believe that it is within this dojo working and teaching kids and adults alike that I found my drive and calling to be a teacher. Whether it is teaching in a dojo, in a classroom, on the beach or in the water I have realized I want to be a teacher. My Grandmaster in my martial art once said…

 “If you want to live one year, plant rice. If you want to live for ten years plan a tree. If you want to                               live a hundred years, teach children.” ~ Grandmaster Robert Hoe 10th Degree Blackbelt ~

I also have great friends and a magnificent family. My father, mother, sister, two brothers, girlfriend and all the rest of my family mean the world to me and I love them dearly. One of the reasons I love them so much is because they are letting me go and spread my wings in a field they know that I love.

Now, why do you ask, would I make such a journey? While it is not a simple decision, it comes down to a simple answer. I wanted an adventure.  After my 8th grade trip to Australia and New Zealand and then my 10th grade trip to Italy I had realized that I caught the contagious and life long travel/adventure bug. And it has been many years since i have satisfied it.  I went to college at the University of New England which is not to far from my home and I have lived in Maine for most of my life. So I kind of wanted to “get out” so-to-speak… Now do not get me wrong; I love Maine and I am not one of those people who plans on “getting out of this place” completely. I fully intend to come back and eventually raise a family in Maine… I cannot see doing it anywhere else. 

And thus my current adventure awaits…

As a Marine Instructor I will be teaching children in grades 4th through 12th about the wonders and magnificence our oceans hold… in a hands on, positive, learning experience. From bioluminescent plankton, kelp, fish and crabs to dolphins, sharks and whales. I have always wanted to be a marine biologist and/or work near/around the ocean. and this job is absolutely perfect for doing just that.

I am very excited to start this adventure and I look forward to posting interesting stories 🙂


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