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Summer Begins

Hello there everyone!!!

Well, summer has begin!!! The warm sunny weather is more constant here in California and the summer season has started. It is a little bit different then the spring school season. It is allot more relaxed and laid-back. I really enjoy the break from constantly teaching… but I give my self a few weeks before I will be just begging for someone to teach lol. 

As most of you know I was home for a few days the start of June. It was great to spend time wiht my family again and of course go to karate. I had an amazing time. I got to surprise some friends, camp, hike, go to the beach, do karate and eat lots and lots of lobster. I missed everyone for so much. 

It was a blast. But now I am back at work and again missing everyone back at home… however the adventure still awesome and I would not have it any other way!

Peace to you all!! 🙂